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Honorary Chair

The world is now more interconnected than ever, not only culturally, but digitally as information technology shortens the gap between regions and time. To succeed in this global landscape, we must take the discussions around diversity and inclusion a step further – global diversity.

Global Diversity is employing the diversity of thoughts, ideas and experiences that cut across boundaries and time in order to achieve a stated goal. With the ever-changing global economy, global leaders must not only be skilled at understanding the challenges and benefits of leading global companies but must also develop the skill to effectively leverage global diversity and cultural differences for business success. According to a study published by Ernst and Young, boards of many global companies lack the diversity to deal with intercultural challenges, which stifles innovation.

The Global Diversity and Leadership Conference seeks to undermine this challenge by bringing together global leaders and innovators to discuss the effects of the changing global landscape on their global businesses and to exchange innovative ideas to succeed in this present time. The Conference also recognizes global leaders who have successfully led their companies through change by effectively employing the tools of innovation, diversity, leadership and inclusion. In essence, the Conference provides practical tools to its attendees on how to build upon the foundation of domestic diversity and make a business case for Global Diversity to all its stakeholders.

As Robert Reich writes in his 1991 book, The Work of Nations, “We are living through a transformation that will rearrange the politics and economics of the coming century. There will be no national products or technologies, no national corporations, no national industries.” Thus, Global Diversity is more than just a “kumbaya” strategy for bringing people together. It is a necessity that must be understood, accepted and employed. As our world changes, the fight for survival in the 21st century rages on and to stand the test of time, the company of the future must be skilled at bringing together people from different backgrounds and ethnicity to fuel the power of innovation for business success.


Cynthia Nwaubani, CPA
Commercial Relationship Manager
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.